An Autumn Editorial

Even though autumn has just started to make its presence felt, I’ve been back to my seasonal habits for a while. Coffee with friends in cozy places, cold air filling up your lungs, layering clothes and reading good books on rainy days. What’s not to love?

Of course, I’ve had a wonderful summer, I’ve been travelling here and there, but all the heat just doesn’t fit me. I’ll always prefer holding my hat and buttoning up in a cold, myserious fall afternoon than sunbathing in a hot, energic summer day.

Autumn is the season when the city looks like a Rembrandt landscape, all dominated by nuances of grey. So I’ve decided to fit in by wearing minimalist pieces in scenery-matching colours that put together create a statement look. I combined the all-time fashionably little black dress with my all-time favourites – the oxford shoes, then I added a cozy blazer, my signature hat, a little purse and I was good to go.







Maybe this outfit isn’t in the latest trends of the year, but it’s definetely an all-time classic.



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