The Painted Shirt

Who hasn’t ever walked back and forth scavenging every shop looking for the perfect piece of clothing? To be honest,I am that kind of person that doesn’t find anything to match my taste. So I wanted to make something unique and give one of my old white shirt a personal touch by painting it.  Instead of using fabric paint, I used acrylic which worked just as well.
Let’s see the result:

The principal theme I sticked to is time flowing. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of distorted clocks as seen in the works of Dali. Of course I have changed my mind several times and I painted design over design but in the end I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.


Every detail has a special meaning to me, for example the divider and the square. This symbol was used by the Knights Templar and it has a more complex meaning but I inserted it in the shirt because I love architecture and this is what I see myself doing in the future.


The other details (the pocket watch, the vintage scissors, the flowers) are mainly aesthetically pleasant, they combine well with the other details and are also related to time, since they are symbolically bringing back the good old times.



As hard as it is to believe I have really enjoyed painting this shirt as it is a distinctive piece and it snaps out from the daily routine.




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