3 Books For Fall

What better thing to do on autumn days than read a good book, drowning in blankets with a flavoured coffee? Therefore, I thought I would share with you my favourite ones that I consider are best-fitting with the season. I’ll be trying not to give you spoilers.

– Gustave Flaubert – Memoirs of a Madman/November


Memoirs of a Madman reaches for the bottom of your soul and digs for every single sense and conception that is part of it. Had my inner self wrote a book, this would perfectly portrait the ideas my thoughts revolve around. It’s an autobiography, in which the rush of the youth combines perfectly with the numbness of the author’s soul and conceited mind. It is not amusing, not philosophical, not even fulfilling. It is what it is. And it’s absolutely soul-feeding.

“November” has nothing to do with the title, it portraits the shady love’s thirst of affection and demand of loneliness. The novel reveals the author’s love story with a prostitute, both sharing their deepest stories and the desire of finding pure devotion.

– Mihail Bulgakov – The Master and Margarita


The author succeeds to represent the wicked in an absorbing way, without making it a dark magic cliché with witches and demons. All the elements that contribute to the storyline have a more complex symbolism than they seem, intriguing your imagination. It is a combination of humour with dark passages, and it highlights the features of the human soul.
The action is pretty simple: the population of Moscow is astonished when a series of unexplainable events hits a few of the important people of the capital, all the strings being pulled by a mysterious stranger who recently moves in and who admits he ate with Kant and met Pontius Pilate. Alongside with this, a touching love story tries to reach the eternal peace. Well, you guessed, it’s about the passional bond between the Master and Margarita.

– Mircea Eliade – The Hooligans


Words will never be enough to describe how fulfilling this book is. It is that kind of book you read every time you have the occasion, exploring again and again its depth and uniqueness. The events take place in the interwar period, the times I’m absolutely in love with, forever wishing I was born back then.

Mainly, it is about a group of young people falling in and out of love, struggling with their most profound emotions, going to balls and living their lives to the fullest. Their free spirits, contradictory thoughts and carefree lives are what makes them “hooligans”.


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