Jazzy notes and Artsy thoughts

I wonder why, after all this time, the idea of posting about art slid through my mind recently. In the end, the idea is to write about what I love, right?

Speaking of things I love, I would love to talk about the jazz festival that took place last weekend in my city and most important, about the impact that it had on the public.

Of course, I could write about the scandal about the money or the organization, but it’s not what I do. Plus, all the newspapers are already filled with stories and rumors, so what would be the point? But let’s consider it was the first edition, and also, Bacau isn’t a place where cultural events are organized that often.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the first night was amazing, all because of the wonderful music of Kenny Garrett & Co. As they started to play their signature music, I drowned in my chair, picturing myself 90 years ago, in the “roaring 20s”, when it was all about jazz. After a while, I woke up from the trance and I looked around. Every single person in the crowd had a smile on their face, you literally felt your soul was ready to come out to enjoy the divine music. Besides Kenny, who was the main attraction, the guy from the percussion made himself remarked – Rudy Bird. To be honest, I’ve never seen anyone to love that much what they do. The colorful, sweet vibe he sent was absolutely tremendous, while his voice was inconceivable.

Moving on to the second night, I can’t say I enjoyed it as much as the first one, and the headliner was Al Di Meola. I guess neither of the people from my city were expecting for him to come in such an undistinguished city,but there he was. Some people were saying that they found out about this concert by randomly entering his site and, lost in the list of big cities was, well, Bacau. The evening started disappointingly, we had to endure the cold while we waited, outside, for the sound check, then we kept waiting inside for another hour. Scarcely did he come on the stage, when people started to leave. Personally, I didn’t care about the reason of the delay, it was my first time seeing him live and he disappointed the public. Of course I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I thought because of this but, despite all of this, his technique left me speechless – I convinced myself he is the one-of-a-kind guitarist everybody says he is.

But I’ve been bragging too long about something that wasn’t meant for this post. What I truly wanted to talk about is my art. I thought that I would share, every month, with you my latest work and write about what it seems, what it really is meant to be and, for those interested, the materials I used. The painting this month is entitled “Sharp Tongues” and it embodies a lightning of inspiration that struck me a while ago and I just couldn’t resist not making it come true.


What it seems:

3 enormous heads who may represent the judges eating the heart of a shady skeleton. The cliff may be interpreted as the edge of the world and the columns suggest the sacred atmosphere of the setting.

What it really is:

Taking in consideration the painting can be interpreted in many ways, the main idea I revolved around is judgement. I tried to present the emotion of being criticized as accurately as possible, the precise feeling in my opinion being that your soul is eaten and you remain empty on the inside. And, if you question the greek columns, which are a combination of the doric and ionic styles, well, they just go beautifully balanced with the composition.




Materials I used:

  • an A4 size canvas (obviously)
  • acrylic paint
  • 3 brushes: a 5/0, a 4 and a 7

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