The Grey Reflection of the Lapsed Times

It’s that time of the year again, the transition period between fall and winter, and for someone like me who isn’t a big fan of the all-included-cold-season pack,  it’s a little annoying. And because I’d rather avoid thinking about it, let’s dive into some more serious matters.For me, it has come the time to decide what I want to do with my life from now on. I can’t make a living from a schedule like sleep, read, paint, repeat, therefore I have to start using my synapses for making the best decision.

But what do you do when you don’t find true essence and accomplishment in anything that is considered “a real job”? You may do like me: wait for someone to discover your art and think that by miracle, you’ll start living the life of Salvador Dali. Then, you take in consideration the job that is the closest to your ideal. In my case, architect. There’s no doubt anymore that I love architecture, but I’m afraid of mediocrity and established patterns. I’m afraid I won’t be let to use my imagination to its fullest potential, because that’s what defines me as an artist. Obviously I took in consideration options from all the other art-related jobs, like designer or illustrator, to things like lawyer or owner of a coffee house. Sometimes I even hope for a contemporary version of Mephisto to rise from the ashes of my previous life-goals, in order to avoid stressing and live my life in a bohemian way.

Moving on to the main idea of the post, the outfit, I’ve been struggling a lot lately with being able to take a couple pictures because of the Christmas-calling weather.




The inspiration I had when I created this look was the style of the 19th century dandy. But not only the style was what it got my attention as, if I were to quote, “a piece of clothing can make you elegant but it does not make you a dandy”. It’s the state of mind that makes it unique. Suffice it to say a few words: individualism, sophistication, success and refinement.





I know, all the outfits I posted about have at least a masculine touch, and this one is fully inspired by men’s style, but I would have appealed to more delicate pieces if the weather was more indulgent and I plan to appear in a more feminine look in the next posts.  Until then, I should put my oxford shoes and my suiting pants aside and adopt more season-fitting outfits.





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