Monthly Painting + Best Coffee in Town

Honoring my promise I made in the last post about art, as I’m a notorious coffee lover, I considered literally inserting it in my artwork. Painting with coffee is a pretty known technique, which I thought I would present to you after it gave life to my surrealistic concepts.

The technique is not complicated at all (it’s similar to watercolour painting), since it requires very few materials: you need to use water, as many brushes as you please, paper and, well, coffee. The good part is, you actually don’t need that much, for me one tiny pack was enough for two paintings – a little goes a long way. But an important tip to keep in mind is that you should consider use soluble coffee rather than regular, ground coffee. In the first instance, I didn’t do my research about the materials, and, as you may have guessed, I tried with regular coffee, supposing it would do and, of course, it didn’t. I ended up with only one shade, a huge mess and a result not satisfying at all. After you get all you need, you basically dip the brush into water, then into the coffee and drag lines on the paper at your own will -as simple as that.


Since it was the first time trying this method, I reached for minimalism, but I got a feeling I’ll come up with more complex ones soon. To be honest, the first idea wasn’t really pleasing, so I made another painting with a concept I’d rather relate to.


Were I to pick some pros and cons, I would say that this way you can design gorgeous one colour based paintings but the nuances palette isn’t that generous, barrier I bumped in when shading.

Why painting with coffee? Because it doesn’t fit in the “usual methods” category yet and also, post by post, I wish to alternate between different ways of creating art.

Now, for those coffee lovers out there, I want to share the best places where you can get good service and tasteful coffee.

Bliss Coffee House

It’s the home of the finest coffee, from unpopular assortments like Ethiopia Sidamo to worldwide known, which classifies in the top 3 selections, Blue Mountain Jamaica. To describe it in one word, it would be quality. With every sip, you’re tasting  bacovian poems -maybe a little bit far fetched, but yes, it’s that good.

Teo’s Coffee 2 Go

A small place,looking like one of those old delicacies shops, owned by a really friendly barista, delights us with flavoured coffee, from gingerbread to Irish cream. And the best part is that you may order it at work, school or wherever you like.



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