How to Stay Stylish During Winter

After a month of taking a break, I woke up from my numbness and decided to return to what I love doing. For this post, I planned to show you an outfit of the day but, of course, the weather messed up my plans once more so my mind had to change. Despite the fact that I can’t wear whatever I want whenever, I love snowy landscapes as they give me peace of mind and the silence of the winter nights has that something that makes your mind wander.




A huge trend right now, the turtleneck blouse is the perfect base for a layered outfit (and who doesn’t appeal to layering in winter,right?). Wear them under blazers, ponchos and even dresses, eventually add statement jewelry and just like that your outfit has become ten times more stylish.

Need I say something about the turtleneck sweater? I’m pretty sure it speaks for itself.

Tip: wear it with a classy, straight coat in a matching colour and you’ll have a perfect go-to outfit for winter.

Sweater dresses


You can find them now pretty much anywhere, in more designs than you can imagine. Depending on your personal style, you can build sporty, casual and chic outfits with them so…why not? By the way, I have a feeling you’ll read more about it soon.

Pencil skirts


If you can’t stay away from skirts during winter time, I’ve got you covered. The pencil skirts are the perfect solution; they are eye-catchy and match perfectly with ankle boots, especially if you have long, endless-looking legs. It’s the greatest alternative.


Hats & Gloves

When there are negative temperature outside, you can’t skip covering your head and your hands, can you? Well, forget about the old, knitted beanies and embrace a woolen hat. With the risk of having to hold it with your hand in the windy days, it’s totally worth it – it complements beautifully every outfit.


Regarding gloves, again, put the knits aside and opt for the more classy, leather ones. Also, for those of you who can’t stay away from their phones, the leather touchscreen gloves have been made with love just for you.


Photo Credits: Stefan Ciobanu





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