Imperfectionism – I

– Text by Alex D. (check out his blog here) / painting by me –

“Many say it is terrible to be alone. To be lying silently without any voice along your side. A voice to guide you, to scold you, to you caress if needed. Many say it is something incomprehensible, unimaginable. How can we, the people, crave for loneliness when we were surrounded by people all along our existence? So it is with the condition of human solidarity, we just need to free ourselves from the rusty,old,heavy chains of this social camp trying to fool us every day.

And maybe absolute loneliness it is not the ultimate answer but this is extremely beneficial temporarily for us,humans. It makes you realize certain things, to exploit people to their maximum potential,to cherish every moment spent in the company of other people. It is still the loneliness that opens your eyes to a completely different world. A world of beauty and meditation, a world of profane and imperfection that now becomes sublime. Everything what once seemed monotonous comes alive and a symphony of new things starts to swarm around your eyes like a flock of cherry leaves. All this bewitch you and take you into a world where you already were but somehow unconscious.

An awakening occurs in humans when they become aware of these things. You couldn’t ever appreciate peace if it wasn’t for the lonely times. I know this because I couldn’t as well .Silence is not oppressive but rather full of meaning.You just have to listen to what it has to say.And if you’re interested, you are going to hear it, I guarantee.Because so we are, both deaf and mute when we desire.

It is a sublime drama, an unforgettable experience. Why would you let something like this to slip through your fingers?  Just because you don”t have the courage to do it? We have one life and, finally, a single destiny.Why not make the most out of it? Live, live! Be free and sad, lonely and miserable.But never forget what happiness tastes like and when we need to pursue it. Do not forget. Live.”


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