Ethnic Vibes

From the classic, embroidered  ones to the contemporary, urban approach of them, there was always this thing about the traditional (romanian) blouses. Them being so versatile -you can build and switch easily an eccentric outfit to a comfy, casual one –  alongside with their beautiful detailing classifies them among the must-haves; also, these pieces give any outfit a bohemian touch like no other item of clothing can do.



Since it flatters any body type, accessorize it with braided hair in order to achieve a traditional look – some unique versions, of course, like combinations between braiding methods. In addition, the best manner to spice up a common outfit is by adding the perfect hat to it. Haven’t you noticed that it gives any look,  as simple as it is, a drastic transformation, making you think “that person has some fashion sense”? What can I say, it’s the “hat effect”.



However, with spring being finally near, this is my way of leaving thick, chunky coats and cozy sweaters behind and tip-toeing my path into less-layered, lightweight outfits. By the way, whereas this traditional blouse reflects a, let’s say, “bond with my ethnic roots”, what better way to do it?







Photo Credits: Stefan Ciobanu


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