Author: beyondthe50s

Postcards from Crete

As some of you may know from my latest posts on Instagram, I’ve recently been to Crete and I’ve had such an amazing time it would be a shame if I wouldn’t share my experience. (more…)


How to Stay Stylish During Winter

After a month of taking a break, I woke up from my numbness and decided to return to what I love doing. For this post, I planned to show you an outfit of the day but, of course, the weather messed up my plans once more so my mind had to change. Despite the fact that I can’t wear whatever I want whenever, I love snowy landscapes as they give me peace of mind and the silence of the winter nights has that something that makes your mind wander. (more…)

Crystal Methods of Making Jewellery

When building the perfect outfit you must choose eye-catching details in order to entice admiration and complete your look. Since I have this, let’s say, “obsession” with uniqueness, of course I’ll opt for it even when settling for the smallest details, and since an idea of an exquisite jewellery design was flowing through my mind, I thought – why not?