DIY Minimalist Wall Art

As a fan of minimalist home decor, I can’t help getting excited about the fact that it has become a huge trend of late. Clear lines, all white and simple,but statement decor objects, what’s not to love? (more…)


Imperfectionism – I

– Text by Alex D. (check out his blog here) / painting by me –

“Many say it is terrible to be alone. To be lying silently without any voice along your side. A voice to guide you, to scold you, to you caress if needed. Many say it is something incomprehensible, unimaginable. (more…)

Crystal Methods of Making Jewellery

When building the perfect outfit you must choose eye-catching details in order to entice admiration and complete your look. Since I have this, let’s say, “obsession” with uniqueness, of course I’ll opt for it even when settling for the smallest details, and since an idea of an exquisite jewellery design was flowing through my mind, I thought – why not?